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2022 at CF&A
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Carol Fox & Associates (CF&A) is an award-winning PR, branding, digital marketing and events agency. Fully integrated to meet the demands of an ever-changing industry, our team is plugged in, switched on and ready to elevate your brand. No project is too big or too small. Whatever you need, we put you front and center.


For 30 years, CF&A has been building audiences, sparking relationships and raising standards through our award-winning PR, branding, marketing, digital and social media and events services. By being true to delivering on our objectives, we aim to make a name for ourselves by making a name for our clients.



Ahead of Women’s History Month, CF&A collected submissions from 30 prominent women who have undoubtedly made a lasting impact on Chicago's vibrant arts and culture scene, while inspiring future leaders. A social media campaign promoting the honorees, from grade-school teachers to former First Ladies, began on March 1, 2024. Follow along at @carolfoxassociates.

  • Public Relations
    We have a powerful megaphone with your name on it Built on a longstanding reputation of being plugged in, creative and effective, our PR team produces exceptional results through expert strategies and steadfast relationships with local, regional and national media.
  • Integrated Marketing & Advertising
    We’ll hit the target every time – even when it moves. Whether developing a brand, building and executing an advertising plan, coordinating direct mail campaigns or activating experiential and grassroots marketing initiatives, we work tirelessly to optimize strategies that guarantee your desired results.
  • Digital and Social Media
    We know it all starts with a click. From the beginning, CF&A has remained on the cutting edge of the marketing industry, offering clients innovative, effective and strategic social and digital media campaigns. With our proven track record of meeting or shattering industry standards, we will help you increase your online brand identity and build new audiences.
  • Brand Strategy
    We make your brand the main character. Your brand isn’t just a logo or a website, it’s a story. Built on a mission, visual aesthetic and a valuable audience, we tackle brand refreshes with the same research and care as building a brand from the ground up.
  • Event Management
    ​​​​​​ We make your story the centerpiece. We know that events are about more than just having fun. They are about creating memorable experiences that ensure guests connect with organizations' missions, grasp communications objectives and engage with brands–in person or virtually. Whether a conference, fundraising events, grand opening celebration or intimate dinner, our events are infused with our integrated communications expertise and detailed approach.
  • Graphic Design
    We believe some stories are better left unsaid. We know that brand aesthetics play a vital role in communication and our team of experienced designers use engaging design to make a dynamic and lasting impression.
  • Influencers
    We'll connect your brand to the right audience When it comes to brand recognition, influence matters. Our relationships with influencers will help you reach the right audience and tell your story through dynamic and curated content. We'll stay on top of current market trends and showcase your brand with measurable results so you can shine on every platform.
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