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Teatro ZinZanni, known as “Moulin Rouge meets Cirque du Soleil” is an electrifying blend of comedic cabaret, fine dining and circus arts featuring top international artists. Since Teatro ZinZanni was not an established brand in Chicago, Carol Fox and Associates (CF&A) was engaged to increase awareness of the company and their new permanent Chicago location at the Cambria Hotel. CF&A was tasked with creating a new and unique brand identity for Teatro ZinZanni that appealed to both locals and tourists as well as building and maintaining a social media campaign for the show. 

CF&A collaborated with Virgen Digital Brand Marketing on Teatro ZinZanni’s rebranding.  It was important that the new branding was modern, accessible and appealing to a younger demographic while still ensuring the integrity of the show’s original campaign. The process began with several meetings with Teatro ZinZanni’s producer and co-founder to discuss target audiences, campaign tone, key messages and goals for the rebrand. In addition to a new logo, other deliverables included posters, a billboard, a program book, marketing collateral and digital assets. Multiple concepts were presented and optimized based on feedback from the Teatro ZinZanni leadership team. The new branding features fresh and imaginative production photos alongside compelling phrases describing the ZinZanni experience utilizing a font treatment that plays homage to the show’s “TZ” monogram.

In order to introduce the rebrand, increase ticket sales and build awareness of Teatro ZinZanni amongst a wider audience, CF&A crafted a comprehensive social media strategy utilizing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. One tactic in particular was to create engaging, shareable posts that would build engagement and brand loyalty as well as increase followers on each platform. The posts used a variety of angles to attract audiences including unique aspects and characters of the show, humor, contests, “meme culture” and Chicago references, among others. The CF&A team worked with an on-site staff member at Teatro ZinZanni to generate content in real-time by sending monthly curated shot lists and content calendars. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CF&A worked directly with the Teatro ZinZanni actors to maintain a digital presence and stay relevant while the show was dark. Our team worked in tandem with Teatro ZinZanni actors to produce videos from their homes and post them on the show’s social media platforms in order to continue engaging with their followers. An example includes a video of the show’s body jugglers exercising in their backyard during quarantine. CF&A also repurposed unused video footage and image assets during the pandemic which allowed for consistent posting of new content. 

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