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Since 2004, GroupTix, a division of Carol Fox and Associates, has worked with group leaders to provide outstanding customer service, promotions and discounts for performances and events throughout the Chicago area. We are continuously expanding and adding new entertainment opportunities for our valued customers. In addition to working with our friendly staff, benefits of ordering through GroupTix include exclusive ticket discounts, savings on handling fees and flexible payment options.


Our schedule of performances and events includes the highest quality in theater, dance, music and family productions at Chicago’s most popular venues, including Navy Pier, The Chicago Theatre, Allstate Arena and many others. The GroupTix staff offers personalized assistance and care to ensure that groups and their leaders all have a positive and memorable experience.

Contact info:

Phone: 872.315.2329



Group minimum 10+ | Allstate Arena | Sept 16 - 18 | Tickets begin at $15


Group minimum 10+ | Allstate Arena | Nov 3 - 6 | Tickets begin at $15


Group min. 10+ | Lighthouse ArtSpace | Oct. 14 - Nov. 20 | Tickets are 20% off


Group min. 10+ | Rosemont Theatre | Oct. 7-9. | Tickets begin at $15