Our Team

CAROL FOX AND ASSOCIATES (CF&A) is an award-winning PR, branding, digital marketing and events agency based in Chicago. Founded on dedication, expertise and hard work, for 25 years CF&A has been building audiences, sparking relationships and raising standards. Specializing in lifestyle, hospitality, arts, education and entertainment we remain as passionate, ambitious and switched on as we were when we began. By being true to delivering on our objectives, we aim to make a name for ourselves by making a name for our clients. 


Carol Fox, President and Founder | carolf(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Niki Morrison, Executive Vice Presidentnikim(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Nick Harkin, Senior Vice President nickh(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Alex Jakubiak, Vice President | alexj(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Margo Hawk, Director, Branding & Digital Communicationsmargoh(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Henry Bierman, Account Executive | henryb(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Hannah Braun, Marketing Coordinator | hannahb(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Matthew Bryant, Senior Public Relations Manager | matthewb(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Faith Decker, Photograph & Public Relations Assistant | faithd(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Laura Durudogan, Human Resources Director | laurad(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Ann Fink, Senior Public Relations Specialist | annf(at)carolfoxassociates.com 

Michael Garcia, Social Media Coordinator | michaelg(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Will Gaudet, Assistant Account Executive willg(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Acasia Gibson, Account Executive | acasiag(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Rima Househ, Marketing and Events Coordinatorrimah(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Seth Lewis, Account Executivesethl(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Caroline Padmanabhan, Office Managercarolinep(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Molly Quinn, Senior Marketing Managermollyq(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Scott Slein, Business Managerscotts(at)carolfoxassociates.com

Molly Smith, Group Sales Manager | mollys(at)carolfoxassociates.com


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